Formal recitals are held three times per year, often in Comstock Concert Hall at the University of Louisville School of Music, the area’s finest concert venue for piano.  These recitals are a highlight of the program and provide natural motivation for all of us to try hard. They are open to the public and are followed by a reception, so invite family and friends!

Students are eligible to perform under the following guidelines:

The student must have a piece that has been performed at a previous studio event or has been qualified as “recital ready” by four weeks before the recital date.  Students must attend the entire recital and take part in the rehearsal.  Be sure to leave time for the reception as well!  For the best experience, get a good rest the night before and limit other activities on recital day.

Concert attire is formal.  Girls are expected to wear a one-piece dress, preferably tea length or longer.  Hair should be arranged to be out of the face.  Boys wear a sport coat and tie, or a suit.  There may be no casual pants, shirts, or shoes. These are the accepted standards for concert dress and make the event more special for everyone. 

Although there are many advantages to our informal culture, children benefit greatly from having formal experiences as well and often play their best at recitals.

Directions to Comstock Hall