For five days every summer for the last 38 years, the University of Louisville has held a Suzuki Piano Institute, aka “Piano Camp.”  For 19 of those years, Haruko Kataoka traveled from Japan to work with teachers and students.  In fact, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Louisville for her contributions to music education.

Students have daily piano lessons and enrichment classes and prepare for a formal recital at the end of the week.  Just as importantly, they hang out with friends and have a lot fun. 

Teachers and students travel from different parts of the United States to participate.  We are fortunate to have this event here in Louisville and at such a nice facility.  Usually, about 20-25 students from our studio attend.

Experience is a key motivator and the most natural learning environment for children and adults.   Institute is one of the best experiences for our Suzuki families.